Are Bassinets Safe

Are Bassinets Safe

If you do not want cribs for your child, there’s always the bassinet for parents to rely on. The bassinet is a popular choice for parents during the earlier months of an infant’s life whenever parents want their baby to sleep in the room with them.

If you are looking for a bassinet you have to remember that not all products have the same features, quality, and construction. There are risky ones that do not comply with safety standards.

But are bassinets safe really?

Bassinets are indeed safe, especially products that come from reputable companies that follow strict manufacturing standards.

In the past, there were not obligatory safety guidelines for cradles and bassinets being made and sold in the US. Because lots of parents grew concerned with the way some bassinets were made, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) was put to the task to produce new, requisite standards for all baby products. The CPSC tackles around 2 products every year to make time for exploration, analysis, and guidelines.

Thus far, baby products like walkers, bath seats, play yards, strollers, and cribs were given new standards.

The safety upgrades for cradles and bassinets depend on the voluntary guidelines coming from the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Lots of baby item manufacturers make use of the standards set by the ASTM when creating their cradles and bassinets.

Are bassinets safe even for infants?

Parents need not worry anymore, for these federal safety guidelines are here and all companies are obligated to meet and surpass these guidelines so they can sell their wares in the country. Now parents won’t have to check each and every product meticulously when shopping for the items. A bassinet is required to be safe so it can meet and go beyond those set guidelines.

These safety standards were created because some bassinets and cradles were found wanting due to poor design and construction. There were injuries and deaths attributed to the item since some mediocre models included too-soft beddings or the design led to babies becoming jammed in the sides while sleeping. Lots of those incidents occurred when the child was too large or old for the bassinet but was still allowed by parents to use it.

This factor is something that parents have to mull over when purchasing a bassinet for their kid. The bassinet is but a temporary sleeping area for infants, and this item is usually designed for children aged 5 months old or less who cannot move about using their knees and hands just yet. The guidelines were made to stop babies from getting trapped or jammed in their own cradle or bassinet.

Here are some of the guidelines required by the ASTM.

  1. In case the product has mesh material or fabric openings, these materials must not catch and trap toes, fingers or buttons.
  2. There should be stability tests done on the bassinet to check whether the item can be tipped over by the baby easily.
  3. The bassinet should have slat spacing to stop babies from getting stuck on the sides.
  4. There should be a static load assessment performed to test whether the product has excellent structural integrity.
  5. The product must have dimension prerequisites for sleeping pads to minimize the dangers of babies getting trapped or suffocated because of additional padding.
  6. In case additional bedding is provided, the product must include a warning label to refer to suffocation risks.
  7. The product must include swinging and rocking restrictions to stop the baby from getting wedged on the side of the bassinet.
  8. The latches and locks must be tested to stop folding accidentally.
  9. Mattresses that are segmented must have a flatness prerequisite to stop babies from getting suffocated in its folds.
  10. To stop babies from falling over, the product should have side height prerequisites.

So are bassinets safe?

Yes, they are safer than before thanks to the new standards created by the CPSC. It is guaranteed that all bassinets being produced in the US right now are safe for babies to use. You can try looking for models in department stores and check the products in person.

You can also buy them in any store that sells baby products, or parents can choose to order online. Your baby’s sleep will be peaceful and free from risks.