Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed Review

There are a lot of parents looking for a great solution when it comes to a baby bassinet. Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed is a great choice for those looking for easy solutions to their baby’s sleeping needs while on the go. There are many reasons why you should consider buying Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed.

Here is our review of the Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed


Who wants a bassinet that only serves as a travel bag? While there are many options on the market, not many bassinets have the ability to compete with Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed when it comes to multi-functionality. The travel bed will also serve you as a portable baby changing station, diaper bag, play mad, and travel baby bassinet.

What more could parents who are always on the go ask for? The amazing thing is that the bassinet is easy to fold or unfold so as to quickly ensure your baby sleeps easily. But that doesn’t also mean you cannot store other baby necessities together with this bassinet!

Great design

It is not enough to carry with you a baby bassinet without caring how it looks like. You will definitely fall in love with Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed because of the eight spaces where you can put food diapers, napkins, towels, wipes, and feeding bottles. This speaks much about the multi-functionality of this particular bassinet.

There is a premium metal zipper puller which is also rustle and burr-free. That allows you easily zip and unzip your bassinet without much of a hassle. So why not go for a bassinet that not only delivers great design but also functionality?


The way you carry this particular travel bed greatly depends on your personal preference. You are likely to find it convenient as a tote bag, shoulder bag or hang-on baby strollers. It doesn’t really matter if you are going on a trip by a train, plane, or car. Simply fold a Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed like you want it to be and you are good to go.

In essence, any trip out of town is the occasion when you should find this bassinet very handy. It will save you a lot of labor as you don’t necessarily need to hold the baby all the time. So why should you constrain yourself from going out on a trip merely by the fact that you have a baby?

Uttermost safety

Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed is made of premium waterproof 300D Oxford cloth on the outside to ensure that the mattress remains waterproof. Similarly, the inside consists of 210D Dacron, which keeps the inside dry throughout your baby’s stay. The filler of the mattress is basically premium silk wedding and PP board.

In essence, if you are looking for a bassinet that’s safe, healthy and non-toxic, then you must buy Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed. It will not be lost to you that Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed is skin friendly, dirt resistant, full of ventilation, and scratch resistant. You can be sure you have your baby in the safest place they can be.

Insect and vermin proof

You don’t want to expose your child to the harmful effects of insects and other vermin. Just how will mosquitoes go past the netting to bite your child? Your baby is guaranteed to have a restful trip where they will be freed from bites by pesky mosquitoes.

You might have gone on a retreat to a place that’s also highly infested with vermin, mice, and snakes. Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed acts to ensure that your baby is kept safe.

Very roomy

Your child should essentially have enough space to sleep without feeling squeezed. Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed ensures that you are able to carry even an older baby in it. If you bought this crib for a baby in infancy, you should be able to use it for a considerably longer period of time.

As such, growth in the height of baby doesn’t necessarily mean you throw away the old travel bed. Saving money should also be top on the agenda as you don’t want to keep buying a baby crib every year.

Verdict Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed

There are times in life when you deserve more than you ordered for. With Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed, you get much more than a bassinet as you can use it as a diaper bag, travel baby bassinet, play mad, and portable baby changing station. If you want, you can turn the bassinet into a carrying bag for napkins, food, diapers, feeding bottles, wipes, napkins, and towels.

With Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed, you can be sure to ensure your baby remains safe while you are away on holiday. It will make staying your baby a very enjoyable experience.