Do Bassinets Need Sheets

Do Bassinets Need Sheets

The bassinet is a great sleeping space for your infant due to it being comfy, portable, and compact. It’s a convenient and eye-catching piece of baby furniture that is a nice addition to your baby’s range of comfortable fixtures. Bassinets at this time are required to meet obligatory guidelines established by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Bigger bassinets have to meet federal safety guidelines as well, and if the products fail to meet them, they will be recalled.

The fixture comes plain, but do bassinets need sheets? This article will further discuss the safer use of them.

When looking for a bassinet, make sure that it comes with a seal from the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association). This authentication offers a guarantee that the product has met safety standards following rigorous lab tests. You will see products that do not have this seal on the market, though, and as much as possible we do not recommend those items.

It is better that you go for products that have met compulsory standards set by valid consumer safety agencies.

Safety Tips for Bassinets: Do Bassinets Need Sheets

For your baby’s comfort, a full-sized crib is an ideal purchase. However, if you do not have sufficient space for the fixture, you can opt for a bassinet. In case it is your first time and you want to see if the item will be perfect for your baby, there are some crucial factors you have to remember first.

#1 It is recommended that you buy a brand new, certified model

A certified product does not always assure safety, but at least it provides an extra level of protection for the product. A bassinet that is certified should meet strict ASTM guidelines like proper spacing of the bars or slats. As mentioned earlier, products with a JPMA seal is also the way to go.

Furthermore, make sure that you invest in a brand new bassinet instead of a used one. Manufacturers are obligated to include the date of manufacture on the item.

#2 Inheritance bassinets are not a good idea

If you want a safer bassinet for your baby to use, it is always advised that you go for the latest model. Buy a quality one that you can afford. While it is a charming idea to utilize an heirloom piece for your baby, something that has been passed from generation to generation, there is a possibility that those fixtures are not up to date or on par with today’s safety standards.

#3 If you have decided on a cradle, get a model that rocks minimally

Cradles often provide rocking motions in order to lull the baby to a sound sleep. However, this repeated and often distinct rocking movement can cause an infant to roll to the cradle’s side, which can lead to suffocation risks. Opt for a model that has a frame dangling on hooks or has a locking mechanism to even out the rocking movement.

Do not leave your baby unattended while he or she is sleeping in the cradle, particularly if there are other children or pets around. Make use of the mechanism that is included with the item to halt the rocking movement prior to your baby’s sleeping times in case you need to leave the room.

#4 Make sure the wheels are locked when using the bassinet

As soon as you have positioned the bassinet in a good spot, lock its wheels so it will remain where they are. Keep them locked unless you need to move the fixture once more.

#5 Do not carry a bassinet with your baby on it

This is not advisable. Make use of the pad or mattress included by the manufacturer instead. Do bassinets need sheets though? Yes, you can place sheets on it as long as you do it properly. Utilize a fitted sheet fashioned for the bassinet or a sheet made to suit the measurements of the pad or mattress. Purchase around 3 fitted sheets so you will always have something on hand in case you need to clean one.

It is safer if you use something appropriate instead of a sheet with the wrong dimensions or a pillowcase.

#6 Do not put toys or stuffed animals in the bassinet

Items like pillows, comforters, blankets or toys should not be added in the bassinet because they are deemed to be suffocation hazards. In addition, putting your baby to sleep in a swaddle sack is not a good idea either. Toys that can be suspended, strings, and cords are also not allowed to be put close to the bassinet because this can strangle the baby, so make sure that these items are kept out of the baby’s reach.

Make use of toys that are provided with a mobile.

Those are some of the crucial aspects you have to keep in mind in order to make sleeping in a bassinet safer for your baby. We have discussed whether bassinets need sheets and safer practices to guarantee that the baby will sleep soundly without parents worrying over them. Just remember these tips and you will get by.