Graco Dream Suite Mason Bassinet Review

Graco Dream Suite Mason Bassinet Review

Lots of parents opt for a crib from the start. However, fixtures like bassinets should not be ignored. The bassinet offers a good range of benefits. The item is positioned near parents’ beds so one can easily reach over and check their child if needed without getting out of bed.

It is also a comfortable and snug place for your baby to sleep. It is a convenient product and a nice item to have in case you are a new mother who is still recuperating from delivery and cannot move too much.

The bassinet is located usually at the same level as the bed so you can rest without worries, knowing you have easy access to the infant. In case you want to know more about the product, here is one example of a bassinet, the Graco Dream Suite Mason Bassinet.

Features of Graco Dream Suite Mason Bassinet

  • Designed as changer and bassinet in one
  • Changer can accommodate up to 30 lbs.
  • Has two vibration speeds users can choose from to help calm baby
  • Includes 4 locking wheels for better mobility
  • Comes with canopy that provides shade from excess light
  • Has two soft toys for play time


Making a baby sleep at home for the first time is something that parents look forward to. However, it makes them worried as well because there are plenty of news about poorly made cribs, cots, and cradles leading babies to SIDS or Sudden Death Infant Syndrome. Because of this worry, parents often take the time to watch over their baby closely at night.

As a solution for this, crib manufacturers have also made bassinets available for parents and babies. The bassinet is typically positioned by the side of parents’ beds so parents can have fast and easy access to their kids.

Graco’s Dream Suite bassinet is a 2-in-1 bassinet and diaper changer model. This is a safe and comfortable unit for your baby to sleep and rest in. It comes with 4 locking wheels so parents can easily transport the bassinet to any point in the house as well as keep the baby close to them at night.

This unit was made to be as practical and convenient as possible for both parent and child. Babies require replacing diapers several times each day. In order to use its extended use changer, all you have to do is flip the bassinet over. The mess can be easily wiped off of the surface of the changer so cleanups are not a hassle on this one.

There is a button included on the unit to make flipping the bassinet over easier for parents. Flipping the item to turn it into a diaper changing station can be done by using one hand only. But if you want to turn it back into a bassinet, it will require two hands to get done since you have to squeeze the lever and press the safety button simultaneously.

The Dream Suite has a spacious storage basket located at the bassinet’s base. You can use this item to store your baby’s essentials from diapers to milk bottles. The built-in storage basket can accommodate up to 30 lbs. of weight. Meanwhile, its mesh side panels offer significant breathability and prevent suffocation risks.

Its safety design keeps the baby visible and this allows parents to monitor their child easily and calm them if need be.

The bassinet comes with 4 wheels that are lockable. The presence of these wheels provides benefits since parents can easily move the bassinet anywhere they want to and manage to keep the baby near them. The wheels roll by smoothly and maneuver effortlessly on the floor.

The Dream Suite also includes a detachable and washable mattress cover. The changing surface is composed of fabric that can be cleaned easily through wiping. This safeguards the baby from being laid bare to harmful contaminants and germs while they are sleeping in the bassinet.

This is a multi-functional, safe and comfortable unit for your infant.


The Dream Suite’s storage bins may need some improvement. It requires additional support for reinforcements. Furthermore, this model cannot accommodate babies over 3 lbs. and aged past 3 months.


The Graco Dream Suite Mason Bassinet is a comfy, stylish, and attractive bassinet for your baby with a design that can spruce up a room.

The Mason design suits babies of all sexes in case you want something gender neutral. It maintains all strict safety rules and it suits a variety of environments. It has an elegant feel to it with a minimalist aesthetic that will suit modern parents with good taste. It comes with a canopy which shields baby from too much light and it has a built-in storage basket as well so you can keep essentials on hand all the time.

Recommended due to its chic design, nice quality, and decent features.