HALO Bassinest Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Review

HALO Bassinest Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Review

An excellent sleeping spot for babies is a bassinet, a napping/sleeping accommodation that is compact, mobile, and smaller than a standard crib. It is designed for infants during their first few months of life. Bassinets are usually positioned next to the parents’ bed so mom and dad can get easy access to the baby at night.

If you want to give a bassinet a try, you should do a little research about the different products being sold in the market right now. One good way to list options is through reading reviews. For starters, do read this review of the HALO Bassinest Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.

HALO Bassinest Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Features

  • Turns 360 degrees for easier access to baby
  • Comes with side walls that can be lowered to make caring for baby easier
  • Has stable 4-point adjustable base which suits the majority of beds from 22-inch to 34-inch.
  • Comes with 100% machine-washable polyester fitted sheet
  • Has waterproof, non-toxic polyurethane mattress
  • Includes storage pocket for baby essentials
  • Can accommodate up to 30 lbs. weight
  • Has sleek and clean design


The HALO Bassinest is a stable bassinet model that does not contain any wheels and has a substantial weight that will remain in its position until you move it to another spot. As soon as you are finished slipping the base beneath your bed, you can modify the unit to fit the height of your bed, which is a snap to do.

You just turn the adjustment knob, which is located about midway up from the lowest part of its base, until it is slack enough to lift or lower the unit into its position. Finish the procedure by twisting the knob completely to its position once more so the base will be locked into place.

The model is user-friendly and its swivel feature makes all steps easier in case you need to get in or out of your bed. Parents can easily budge the bassinet closer or a bit further away from the bed. The unit can be positioned straight over the bed so you can keep watch over the baby without a hassle. The unit also comes with its own night light and has soothing vibrating motions which help calm down the infant.

The side is retractable, which is a helpful and practical feature, and it can also be locked in place. The locking mechanism is actually a great help for babies who tend to move around a lot. Adjusting the wall is pretty easy since all parents have to do is put on moderate pressure on the front railing’s top parts with the help of their forearms.

The retractable wall eventually snaps back into its usual position as soon as you take away the pressure.

This product has one of the most attractive designs among the bassinet bunch. It comes with a sleek design and can be had in two neutral patterns which will fit both boys and girls. It’s also small so it will not take too much room, making it a nice alternative to a full-size crib.

The mesh siding allows parents to view their child, plus the mesh material gives significant breathability to the whole unit. When it comes to comfort and safety, this unit excels. Its overall quality construction, swivel feature, and aesthetically-pleasing design make the product a nice buy.


The Bassinest comes with a thin, uncomfortable sheet made of plastic. In case you are not into its texture, you can cover it with a thin blanket. Just make sure to sew the blanket in place so it stays secure the entire time. Furthermore, assembly of the unit is not that simple. It may appear like the instructions are simple at first, but they turned out to be lacking so you may have to find other sources on how to assemble the whole unit.

YouTube, for instance, has videos on how to set up the whole thing. As mentioned, the product comes with a heavier, more substantial base, so there are steps that a single person will not be able to accomplish without the help of another individual.

Another thing about the unit is that the lullabies provided were low in volume and it only comes with two volume settings.


The HALO Bassinest Essentia Series Swivel Sleeper Bassinet, despite its minor issues, is still a good buy. It is recommended because of the swivel feature and its quality construction. It has safety features like its mesh sidewalls and a stability that cannot be beaten.

The sidewalls are also adjustable so parents can easily modify the unit in order to suit their needs and make keeping watch over their baby an easier task to do. If you are on the lookout for a bassinet with a modern and hip design, good safety features, and quality construction, the Bassinest and its range of features make it a purchase that is worth the money.