Summer Infant Travel Bed Review

Summer Infant Travel Bed Review

Every parent is looking for a way to maintain the baby’s comfort and routine even when you are out traveling in the summer. With Summer Infant Travel Bed, you don’t have to worry about providing your baby with diaper changes and sleeping options. It’s all for very good reasons.

Here is our review of the Summer Infant Travel Bed

Total baby comfort

If your aim is to provide your little one with a relaxing, comfortable, and enclosed place to sleep, try Summer Infant Travel Bed. Your baby might not be able to talk. However, if they could, they will tell you how comfortable the mattress pad is. As for you, cleaning a baby crib has never seemed easier and hassle free.

All you have to do is remove the sheet and wash it in the machine. Your baby wouldn’t be comfortable enough if they cannot breathe properly. That’s where the breathable mesh sides come in handy.

Who said that your baby cannot be entertained while you are out and about? There is a fun toy bar on the bed complete with two toys to keep the baby busy. You don’t have to worry about how to occupy the baby, while you are busy changing diapers.

The good thing is that you wouldn’t have to spend money buying extra toys for your baby to play with. The money you save can be used for other essential purposes.


The bed has a front panel which conveniently folds down to allow you to conveniently change your baby’s diapers. You don’t have to worry what you will do in case an accident happens. The crib has a premium mattress pad that comes with a washable sheet if mistakes happen.

It’s clear that you have no reason to worry about how you will take care of your baby if you are going on a short trip. All you need is to pack this travel bed without having to pack a changing pad. Why not take Summer Infant Travel Bed with you on your next trip.

Great design

Summer Infant Travel Bed is designed to give you easy time if you are going on a quick trip. It is not just lightweight but also folds quickly to give you easy time while packing for your trip. The bed has a front panel, which unzips and folds down so you can change your baby’s diaper easily.

As a parent, you wouldn’t want to have your baby sleeping in an airtight place. Summer Infant Travel Bed has mesh side panels that promote the flow of air so that your baby can breathe easy. The mattress is comfortable enough to promote a relaxed sleep.

Easy to carry

You have been on a trip and you have really enjoyed seeing your baby having a nice sleep. What do you do to carry Summer Infant Travel Bedback home? Apart from being easily foldable, the bed has a detachable carry strap that allows you to easily carry it with you.

That applies to the time you will need to get ready when going on a quick trip. You will appreciate the fact that you don’t even have to pack the folded bed in a bag. What more could you ask for in a travel bed?

Water proof

The makers of this traveling bed understand that your baby will create messes while asleep or otherwise. Since you would like to have the bed dry, they have ensured that the cover is made of waterproof nylon. The only thing you will need to change so as to maintain a good environment is the washable sheet.

Easy to assemble

If you are looking for a bassinet that allows for almost zero hassle when trying to assemble it, Baabyoo Baby Travel Bed is just it. Only unfold it and you will be good to go. The good thing is that this bassinet can basically sit on any type of ground including sandy beaches and grassy surfaces.

If you are looking to pitch a tent anywhere under the sun, there is basically no reason why you should not do it. The sticks provided by the manufacturers should enable you to make it remain stationed on the same spot. It doesn’t really matter how frequent your baby tosses and turns.

VERDICT Summer Infant Travel Bed

No parent wants to expose their children to the germs and dirt while sleeping on restaurant chairs or shopping carts. That’s the essence of having a portable baby bed. You wouldn’t have to worry about having your little ones sleep on rollaway beds or hotel-provided infant beds.

With Summer Infant Travel Bed, you are in firm control of how comfortable your child will be while on the trip. Its great design ensures that you can conveniently change diapers without taking the baby out of the crib. Who wants a traveling bed that’s so cumbersome and hard to carry?