Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent Review

Parentage doesn’t mean you deny yourself of the opportunity to go on a camping holiday. All you need is a baby travel tent – and that’s exactly what Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent provides you with. You will find it compact when folded and roomy when opened up.

Protection from Ultra Violet Rays

Are you traveling with your baby to a place that’s sunnier than your home area? What more do you need to protect your baby from sunburn during travel than Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent? You don’t have to go enjoying a holiday on a sunny beach on your own if you can take your baby with you.

You wouldn’t say you’re your baby has skin as strong and as resistant as yours. That’s why the makers of this portable baby travel bed have ensured that it conforms to SGS Lab UPF rating of more than 50. That ensures that your baby is saved from having to suffer the effects of exposure to UV rays, including cancer.


Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent is so portable to the extent to fit inside standard sizeable luggage if you are going on a trip. You don’t have to risk exposing your baby to the harmful effects of the run even while going on a trip that involves flying. Simply fold it and you will be good to go.

This baby crib isn’t that hard to handle when not in use. It comes with its own carrying bag into which it can easily fold when you want to store it. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a long or short trip – you will find it very convenient.

Zero assembly

If you are looking for a crib that has completely zero mechanics for assembly, Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent is what you need. It is a self-expanding screen tent that has the ability to easily pop open and get folded in just a few seconds. It works very well for you if you almost have no time to spare.

Furthermore, this travel bed is such that all the sides and quickly collapsible so that you can disassemble it as easily as you assembled it. You, therefore have no reason to worry when you are in a rush to beat time as you move away from your sunny holiday venue.

If you need to stick it to the ground, the baby crib comes with sticks so it remains stationed in the same position. You don’t have to worry about the type of ground you have. You can take it with you on sand beaches or on grassy campsites without worrying if you will be able to pitch tent or not.

Very roomy

If you are looking for a crib that offers a large space to easily get your baby in and out without making it feel in bondage, try Sunnec. In fact, Sunnec guarantees that this crib will fit in any of your devices, no matter the size. Your baby stroller can be small or big enough but you have no reason to worry.

You don’t have to buy different cribs for children of different sizes. If can fit a newborn baby as well as one that’s as old as three years. Basically, there is no need to worry about how short or tall your baby is.

If you have two babies, why not put all of them in the same space. One could be a one-year-old infant and the other a two-year-old. The tent is big enough to accommodate both of them.

Insect proof

Are you looking for a way to go camping or on a beach holiday with your baby without being bothered by bugs? Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent ensures your baby has a restful time without being bitten by malaria-causing mosquitoes. It isn’t just because of the net but also because of the zips that lock out any creepy insects.

The other advantage of the netting is that your baby gets all the ventilation they need to breathe in fresh air. Who wants to have their baby sleep in a stuffy place anyway? Imagine being able to effectively stop mice and snakes in their tracks.

Verdict Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent

You will find Sunnec Large Baby Camp Tent much lighter and easier to transport than any ‘pack and play’ option you have ever used. It is so spacious that two children who are under three years old can fit in without much of a hassle. It even gets better than it can keep away all the pesky insects, mice, and snakes that may want to spoil your camping experience.

Who wants a baby crib that’s hard to install? You simply pop it open, unzip, lay your baby on the mat and you are good to go.

What more could you ask for in a baby camping tent?